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Where can I find my compressor information?

In order to accurately quote you, we will require some information about your compressor.

You should be able to find everything we need on a single data plate. Please see the below example of what this might look like and where you might find it.

Compressor Make and Model

Serial number *

Working Pressure

Motor size

*Serial numbers may be referred as LOT numbers on some data plates

Often there will be multiple data plates on a compressor. Typically the one that refers to the entire compressor will not be attached to a single component. Below is a list of locations that you might be able to find this information.

  • On the front, back or side of the compressor.

  • Inside the electrical cabinet (behind the controller)

  • Inside the compressor behind one of the panels.

  • Below the compressor pump

If you still cant find the data plate, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we would happily help advise over the phone.