Compressor Spares

Southern Air Systems Ltd are experts in locating spares, working in partnership with various suppliers and manufacturers.


We have always strived to maintain compressors; even old compressors can provide good reliable air, so we always provide you with the best economical and professional advice.


Our expert technical advisors will do their part to make sure that your machine doesn’t reach an early demise, with countless years of experience and wealth of knowledge your compressor couldn’t be in better hands!

Please contact our office directly and we can put you in touch with our spares dept. Working along with the technical dept, we'll be sure you find what you are after.*

If you require spares, please be sure to give us the make, model and serial number of your compressor from your data plate. Below is a photo of where you typically find this information. 

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Call us now, or email our spares dept to find out how quickly we can get hold of the parts you need:



Phone:  02380 644 206

*Please note, spares are not always available from the Trade Counter, we work in connection with hundreds of suppliers to provide parts, these are subject to various delivery lead times and charges. Discontinued products may not be available but we will do the best to find an alternative.