Compressed Air Fittings

Southern Air Systems Ltd work alongside some of the biggest pneumatic companies in Britan. We have a large range of hoses, one-touch fittings, and quick release couplings available at our trade counter, and much more. If we don't have it in stock, we have thousands of lines that are available for next day delivery. 

Our technical advisors are well experienced in building pneumatic systems, so we are only more than happy to share this experience and offer advice over the phone or trade counter if needed. Be sure to bring in any samples or challenges that you are faced with and we will happily sit down with you and offer any help we can. 

*Please note, parts are subject to availability and as such are not always available from the Trade Counter, we work in connection with hundreds of suppliers to provide parts, these are subject to various delivery lead times and charges. Discontinued products may not be available but we will do the best to find an alternative.